The Renaissance, spanning 14th to 17th century, was all about the awareness of human potential and the passion for discovery. Today, in a capitalist-driven society, stimulated by rapid developments in communication and technology, we are threatened with a life devoid of passion and interconnection as we struggle with the monotony of clockwork and the burdens of day-to-day responsibilities. We need a more soulful existence that balances logic and imagination, body and mind. Only by achieving this balance in our lives can we experience more meaningful relationships with family and friends.

Hence, another cultural movement – The Modern Renaissance.

No matter how good we are in our chosen careers, we all need to nourish our creativity because creativity fuels the imagination, and without imagination, we are dangerously restricted. It is time to liberate ourselves – dismiss the preconceived notion that creativity is only inherent to the artistically-inclined and start believing that all of us can cultivate creativity through observation, study, practice, and play.

At the same time, we need to nurture our bodies because a healthy mind can only dwell in a healthy body. We need to re-educate ourselves on how to eat properly rather than caving to the seduction of take-out and processed foods. We need to understand that a good healthy meal can be easily prepared at home.

As a Modern Renaissance man or woman, it is also important that we are globally aware and environmentally conscious. We live in a society where people behave as if they own the Earth. If we just realize that all of us are interconnected and each of us have a responsibility towards nature, and act on it, we will leave a better future for our children.

Journey with me through this cultural revolution as we infuse our lives with creative play, good food, and green practices for a more passionate, well-balanced life. Let’s make our lives a work of art.

My Mind Map
(You’d probably put career in yours. For now, I’m trading mine with homeschooling which helps feed my mind.)
Con mucho amor,