How did you like that extra hour yesterday? For me, as much as I liked it, I’d rather have that extra hour of daylight in the early evening – otherwise it feels gloomy when by 5:00 it’s already dark out. Anyways, I can’t believe I forgot to share this project with you when I was on my clothes-making frenzy.

Rinoa in her Imke Shirt

The Imke Shirt and Riviera Leggings

This was my first time working with knit fabrics. It was quite daunting since knits are stretchy and I feared that my stitches would end up too tight such that the fabric won’t stretch anymore. But I’m satisfied with how it turned out – considering it’s my first shirt and leggings project – except that I made the neck opening too wide. Oh well, I know now not to cut too much next time. I also thought making the neckband would be hard – but it wasn’t that bad at all.

The Imke Shirt is “an everyday, everywhere shirt … with many different design options.” You can opt for a simple neckband or a pointed or sporty hoody. You can make the sleeves short, long, layered, straight, or flared. (I like the layered look a lot!) And you can choose to have side panels or leave the front and back plain. With lots of different looks from one simple design pattern, I’m sure to make more!

The leggings were surprisingly easy to whip up – and since knit fabrics don’t ravel, you don’t even have to finish the seams. With fabric already cut to the pattern, you can make a pair of leggings in, I’d say, 20 minutes.

I meant these shirt and leggings that I made to be worn outside but they work better as a warm, snuggly pajama set.