My little girl is growing up so fast! Sniff! Sniff! I still remember that special day six years ago. I drove myself to the hospital, feeling crammed in our WRX, my big belly furiously rubbing on the steering wheel and my swollen feet numbly working the foot pedals. Troy was at work and Mica was in school. I called Troy and told him it was time. He was shocked to learn that I was already in the hospital. That didn’t stop him from panicking though. He drove so hard on his way to the hospital that his car overheated. In a dazed and retarded panic, he ran a red light and switched into the oncoming traffic lane in a last minute effort to pull into the hospital entrance. Unfortunately, he was still two blocks away and ended up pulling into the Walgreen’s parking lot. Eventually, he made it to the hospital and the nurses stuffed his XXL body into an XL jumpsuit, and even got him zipped up! (Right before his phone, still in his pants pocket, rang!) Grandpa picked up Mica from school while Troy and I were in the operating room. Mica was reluctant to leave the joys of the grade school playground swings until she came to the realization that today was the day she becomes a big sister.

That day, all of our lives changed as an 8-lb baby was born to this world. From that time until today, Rinoa continues to shower us with joys and laughter. As we celebrate her 6th birthday, my family and I give thanks to such a wonderful gift.

6-year old Rinoa

Making wishes and blowing candles!

Con mucho amor,