There’s this movie, Fairy Tale: A True Story, loosely based on an event that happened in England during World War I where two cousins discovered fairies in their garden and took pictures to prove they exist. After watching it with my family, I was inspired to create a fairy garden for Mica and Rinoa.

It sits on a large planter that I placed just outside our front porch so that every time Mica and Rinoa walk in and out the front door, they can see it. I originally used some Bratz furniture that Rinoa wasn’t using but the girls complained that the chair I used was too big for a fairy, so we replaced it with smaller furniture. Those tall, bright red-orange and pink flowers would have been the perfect height for the Bratz chair. Oh well. I also used some plants that won’t grow taller than 4 inches to keep up with the miniature theme.

You gotta have cake!

A well to get water when the fairies get thirsty.

Some benches for fairy-size birds to perch on.

Ok, so those furniture didn’t take in rain very well. The legs of the benches and table collapsed so I had to recall them so I can superglue them first. In the meanwhile, I put the original Bratz furniture back (mwahaha)

This one is plastic so rain is not going to bother it. And I left the cake just in case some fairies visit while I mend the other furniture.

So which one do you prefer, the Bratz chair or the smaller balsa wood furniture collection?

Rinoa: Why are we making a garden for fairies? I know fairies are not real. Am I right, Mommy?

Mommy: Well, we don’t know that for sure. I’ve never seen one but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. What I want is for you to learn to feed your im-ah-gi-nay-shun.

Rinoa: What does that mean?

Mommy: I want you to imagine there are fairies around. Now, wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a resting place for them when they pass by our house?

Rinoa: {Eyes getting wide with excitement} Oh yeah! Well then it’s good that we have cake for them. {Then in her sassy voice} But Mommy, the cake is not real!

Mommy: Remember, we’re just using our im-ah-gi-nay-shun.

Rinoa: What will they drink when they get thirsty from eating the cake?

Mommy: They can get some water from the well.

Rinoa: But Mommy {in her sassy voice again}, there’s not even a hole in the well.

Mommy: {Sighs}

Rinoa: I know, I know, ‘use my im-ah-gi-nay-shun’. {Smiles}

Mommy: Remember, when you use your imagination, anything is possible. {Hugs}

Con mucho amor,