Frozen Snow

If you follow my blog (and thank you so much if you do), then you may have noticed that every year, coinciding the past several weeks that have passed, I become quiet. I go into my shell and stay there for a while. Not that I’m sad or anything. I just inescapably become the “frozen snow” in this dark, lifeless world that is winter. The cold creeps slowly and engulfs me. I am not lost, just trapped in this gloomy alternate reality. I want to break out, but I am held back. And without inspiration, there wasn’t much to say.

But I am not without hope because I am reminded…

“Even when it’s cold like this, I always remember that spring is on its way. It’s sort of neat to think about. No matter how much snow there is, it’s all going to melt. It always does.” – Tohru Honda from Fruits Basket

And with this, I begin to wake up again every morning with fresh eyes and a more spirited disposition– knowing that I’m not bound by the seasons and letting my family be the “fresh vibrant spring” that melts this frozen snow.

“When the snow melts, what does it become? It becomes spring.” – Fruits Basket

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hello! i have been stopping by to see when you’d reappear and sending up little prayers for you until you did! :) i really like what you said about your family being the spring that melts the frozen snow . . . i see it that way to as i believe that God works through “people” to love and bless us while we are hear on Earth . . .

love your pictures . . . as always . . .

tell the girls i said hi! :) i always enjoy reading about what creativity they’ve been up to and trying the same with my Tatum!

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