Another one of our Christmas projects this year – scrumptious gingerbread men without the baking. All you need are felt sheets that you can buy from a craft store – they’re 4 for $1 in my area, embroidery thread and needle for sewing (yes, you’ll be sewing), rice to stuff your gingerbread man with, and foam paint for decoration.

Just trace this template on the felt and cut out. You’ll need two pieces – a front side and a back side.

Then sew the two pieces together using a thick embroidery thread – we used DMC floss. Leave a small opening to fill the insides with rice before closing. This was a good way for the girls to learn needlework.

Using accessories we already had, Mica and Rinoa decorated their gingerbread men. With foam paint as icing, they painted happy smiles and curly hair.