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Fabric Flower Bib Necklaces

I’m swimming with the tide and made my own flower bib necklaces – since they seem to be all the rage these days and my two daughters love to accessorize! It’s easy to go wild with the flower arrangements when making a bib necklace but I like to keep my designs dainty so Mica can where the necklaces to school without being gaudy. (She’s actually wearing the lace necklace today.) And as you can see, I love the look of pearls.

Lace Flower Bib Necklace
Rosette Flower Bib Necklace

I did several necklaces which showcase different kinds of fabric flowers. The ones above are just two of my favorites. I also created video tutorials on how to make them. (Yes, I’m slowly conquering my fear of ‘talking in front of the camera’ and started making videos. I figured, the necklace tutorials are good warm-up video projects for me.) I’m in the process of editing them but I will be sharing the videos here in the blog very soon – so please watch out for them.

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