Dexter’s Shirt

He said he won’t be like those other dog owners who dress up their dogs. So what is this??? He said he saw the shirt, it was on sale, and so he bought it. Tsk tsk tsk.

And yes, Dexter has cherry eye – at the moment. The vet said it’s common for his breed. It doesn’t hurt him. It just looks odd. We’ve gotten used to it. Sometimes it goes away. Then pops back out. Oh well, what can you do?

Con mucho amor,

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Thank you so much for the nice comments you left on my blog! I so appreciate it!! I just wanted to say Dexter is adorable! I also have a Boston Terrier! Her name is Emma and she also had cherry eye. She had it for a while but her vet decided to do the surgery to repair it because it no longer popped back in and was making her eye dry. It’s a very delicate procedure but she is just fine now. Emma is our sweet baby and loves to bury under the covers when she sleeps. Our daughter also has a Boston named Betty Boop.
Thanks again for visiting my blog! : ) I bookmarked your blog…I love it!!

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