For our first art class this month, Mica and Rinoa each did a Christmas-themed eggshell mosaic. I’ve been planning on giving them this project for weeks now, so every time I cracked an egg in the kitchen, I would clean and save the shell. We had about a dozen clean eggshells to use that day.

Troy took the day off from work so I let him hold the camera while I instructed and helped the girls :)
The first step was to fill the drawings with eggshells. We used Mod Podge for glue since I had a big tub of it. The drawings, by the way, are cliparts I found online – perfect for a mosaic project. Since gluing the eggshells would take time, I thought I’d spare them the task of drawing something themselves.
After filling up the drawings with eggshells, we finished them using acrylic paints. I had them go over the black lines using a Sharpie to make the drawings crisp clear.
Eggshell Mosaic
by Mica Redington (12 years old)
Eggshell Mosaic
by Rinoa Redington (5 years old)