After months and months of posting seemingly random ramblings and hodge-podge projects to help me decide which of the things I like doing I should focus on for my next ‘passion-filled career’, I realized (or I guess, I started listening to Troy) that I don’t have to choose. Everything I do defines who I am and, in the past, when I tried to build a business out of each of my interests, I was miserable because I felt incomplete. Then again, I was insecure about being branded jack-of-all-trades because as the old saying goes “One who tries to do everything is capable of doing nothing.”

I thought of Leonardo da Vinci and the concept of the “Renaissance Man” – well-educated and excels in a wide variety of fields. If I don’t want to be thought of as a jack-of-all-trades, I most certainly would embrace being a Renaissance Woman. I felt it’s time to squash my inner critic and start believing in what I can do. (It helps if you have a husband like Troy who is very encouraging and supportive.)

Everyone has an inner critic – most people call it the gremlin. Mine is monstrous. I squashed him but he’s still breathing. (Who knows when he’ll recover.) It’s time we realize that these critters in our minds are not us. When we listen to them, it manifests not only in our actions but also in our tendency to procrastinate or in our proneness for perfection. We can choose to ignore or silence them. Only then can we liberate ourselves from our fears and live a more fulfilling life.

“When we listen to our Gremlin, we become rigid and hold ourselves back restricting us from being creative, resourceful and living life to our fullest potential.” – Christie Clipper

Con mucho amor,