It’s almost spring. Hurray! Time for a wardrobe change for Mica and Rinoa. Problem is Rinoa has an unusual body shape – thanks to Troy! It’s really difficult to shop for her. So while I was at the bookstore one evening, I decided that I would try and make clothes for the girls. Operative word being ‘try’ since I’ve never sewn clothes in my life – except maybe an apron for my Sewing Class in grade school.

I bought this book, Sewing Clothes Kids Love by Nancy Langdon and Sabine Pollehn. I fell in love with the clothing designs in the book – whimsical enough to tease kids’ imaginations but practical enough to wear everyday. I’m actually excited!

Now the author proposes making your own dressform. Here comes the duct tape. The author calls it ‘kinderquin’, and it is made from duct tape and old snug-fitting T’s and leggings.

Rinoa took about 45 minutes to wrap since Troy and Rinoa laughed like a maniac the entire time, as I took pictures. I helped with Mica, so she took less time, but a lot more tape, than Rinoa.

Here they are in all their superhero and sidekick looking glory.

Here’s me releasing Mica from confinement after she’s had enough of being wrapped up, which is really just a minute or two after we’re done. After retaping the form, we filled it with styrofoam peanuts, old clothes, and random garbage we found in the basement.

Here they are! Custom fit dressforms for 10 bucks worth of duct tape. When the kids have outgrown this size, they’ll make great Halloween props or scarecrows!