World Meet Dexter

After months and months of endless pleading from the girls, I finally caved in. World say hello to Dexter, our new 3-month old Boston Terrier.

Mica: Mommy, can we name him Sirius?
Mommy: Sounds too much like ‘Serious’.
Mica: How about Lupen?
Mommy: Ah, no.
Rinoa: How about Harry?
Mommy: No.
Daddy: How about Guinness? He’s the same color as a Guinness.
Mica: Nooo.
Daddy: How about Stout?
Mica: No.

So why Dexter? You know – Dexter Morgan – the Blood Splatter Specialist from Miami.

Thanks to Grandpa for buying him for the girls.

Rinoa: Mommy, I’m so happy that we finally have a puppy!
Mommy: I’m glad.

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He had to have an operation because when he was found he had three degree burns and one area of his leg (where the joint is) was dry skin and it really start to bother him so he was licking it and got pretty much down to bare bone.

Since the new skin couldn’t form around the skin, the vet had to remove the old skin and lift the new skin over and have stitches. It’s doing great though. He gets the removed and the last visit the vet was VERY happy to see he’s recovering greatly.

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