After months and months of endless pleading from the girls, I finally caved in. World say hello to Dexter, our new 3-month old Boston Terrier.

Mica: Mommy, can we name him Sirius?
Mommy: Sounds too much like ‘Serious’.
Mica: How about Lupen?
Mommy: Ah, no.
Rinoa: How about Harry?
Mommy: No.
Daddy: How about Guinness? He’s the same color as a Guinness.
Mica: Nooo.
Daddy: How about Stout?
Mica: No.

So why Dexter? You know – Dexter Morgan – the Blood Splatter Specialist from Miami.

Thanks to Grandpa for buying him for the girls.

Rinoa: Mommy, I’m so happy that we finally have a puppy!
Mommy: I’m glad.