Valentine’s Cookies

Mica had a crash course on baking this weekend when she tried to make some Valentine’s Cookies. (She really loves baking, by the way.) Let’s just say her first attempt to make a dough didn’t go so well because she skipped a few directions that she thought were unimportant. Lesson learned – nothing good comes out of rushing things.

But all is well. I encouraged her to try again (with my supervision this time). You can’t learn if you don’t make mistakes. And now she’s a happy camper.
Auntie Jona is helping Mica cut some shapes from the dough.
And Rinoa is trying to help.
Here are the lovely cookies from Mica’s creative imagination.

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Practice your baking baby and make Valentine cookies for me when I get there even if it’s not Valentine’s day when I go back there. The cookies look delicious in picture.

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