Just sharing more about my recent trip to California…

It was my first time to visit the Getty Center, and I must say, the experience was extremely euphoric. My eyes ravenously feasted on the breathtaking views, both outside and inside the museum walls.

Richard Meier is one of my favorite architects. His designs have inspired me since college, and to be standing in one of his buildings was very surreal for me. But as if the architecture and the mountain-top views of L.A. were not enough, the museum collections spoke loudly to me, as well. The paintings begged me to spend a day with them, sketching and studying the style of the masters. The photography exhibit urged me to take out my camera and explore the environment. I was so pumped, I was excited to go back to my studio and ‘create’. I wasn’t even this moved when I visited the Louvre. Of course, being at the Louvre is like shopping at the mall in the Philippines on Christmas day – you’re just a nose away from the next person.

Of all the exhibits, the illuminated manuscripts were my favorite. To see those hand-drawn, gold-leafed books of the late Middle Ages was very inspiring. I imagined the art journals of today will be the illuminated manuscripts of the future. I couldn’t wait to work on mine.

Con mucho amor,