I am back from a very refreshing and much needed 2-week vacation away from the cold weather here in the midwest. Troy, the girls, and I flew to California to attend my cousin Joyce’s wedding, and then just relaxed and hung out with the cousins, aunts, and uncles for several more days after that.

Maderas Golf Club, San Diego

My cousin’s wedding was a small, outdoor wedding overlooking the Maderas Golf Course and rolling hills of North San Diego. Very nice and intimate!

The Bride and Groom

The bride and groom, Joyce and Carlos, make a handsome and very tall couple. We got to know Carlos a little better during our trip, and both Troy and I easily connected with him. We think he’s a great guy.

Tita Liwie, Johwey, Tita Maricor, and Carrie

After the wedding ceremony, we enjoyed some cocktails outdoors while waiting for the reception doors to open. Here I am posing with my two aunts and cousin, Carrie, while Troy takes the shot. (If I haven’t mentioned in any previous posts, I cut my hair short at Troy’s request. And yes, I miss my long hair but I’m also having fun styling my short hair.)

My cousins DJ and ML

Mica with ML's girlfriend Constance

My kids have the half-smile look that says 'Please let this be the last time we pose for a picture!'

Gavin's Family, My Aunt, and I

To view more photos taken during the wedding, here’s a slideshow for you to enjoy.