I remember I was 10 years old when I first ventured in business. Hair ribbons were the fashion among young girls back then, and at that time, I learned how to macrame yarn into colorful ribbons which my schoolmates loved. I figured since they loved the ribbons so much, I’d sell them. And sell I did – 5 pesos (which was worth $0.25 back then) for 1/2 yard of macramed ribbon which I made during recess. I made good money with it for a year (supplied me with lots of cafeteria money) until I got tired of making them! But since then, I’ve had several fun and successful entrepreneurial adventures.

Now that Mica has taken an interest in jewelry making, I coaxed her into making some to sell. I’m always telling her, “You’re never too young to be an entrepreneur.” Now the goal here is not to make her greedy but to teach her the value of money. This one she’s wearing, she made for herself but she made two more that are available for sale in her blog. It will really make her day if you come check it out :)

Love this picture of Mica!

I told her that once people start buying from her, 50% of her profits she should keep in the bank and the other 50% she can spend as she wishes. She’s not too thrilled about saving some money but it’s part of the lesson.

Con mucho amor,