We’ve had Dexter for almost two months now. And even though it took me a while before agreeing to having a dog in the house, I must admit that I’m glad we have one now. For one thing, it’s teaching my girls responsibility. For example, Mica wakes up early in the morning to take Dexter out in the yard. She also takes care of feeding Dexter and making sure he has fresh water all the time. Rinoa helps train Dexter with simple commands and makes sure he doesn’t pee in the house since he’s not completely potty-trained yet.

Dexter resting on my lap.

Dexter is just so full of personality that it’s really hard not to love him – even though he chewed and destroyed my living room rug yesterday. {Grrr!} He’s definitely a part of our family. And as you can see, he loves to cuddle! He would rest his head on one of our laps and just fall asleep that way.

A cozy resting place.

Another cozy resting place.

Not quite asleep yet.

For those torn between pleasing your kids with a pet puppy and not liking the idea of added responsibility, I say give it a go. You’d be surprised at how much it completes the family. Of course, you’d have to give up the idea of maintaining a picture perfect house but, if you have kids, then that ship has sailed a long time ago. {wink}

Con mucho amor,