This is the biggest antique/flea market in the world! Can you imagine how much I drooled when I went here? It covers 7 hectares (1 hectare is roughly the size of two football fields), has 2,000 vendors, and receives about 180,000 visitors each weekend! (It’s only open Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. I arrived Tuesday. So you see how I had to wait until the end of the week to go here!)

If you’re visiting Paris and want to check Puces St. Ouen, just take Metro Line 4 to Porte de Clignancourt, follow the crowd walking along the avenue towards the white bridge, and your destination will be just after the bridge. (If you’re after the vintage goodies, don’t waste your time looking at the clothing stalls along the way.)

I went here twice. Once by myself and the following day with my cousin’s family. The first time I went here, I totally lost my sense of direction and had a hard time finding my way out – lol! But every turn is definitely a feast for the eyes!

Dismembered dolls - they will either thrill you or creep you out!

All the photos here were taken from my first visit. I didn’t bring my camera just in case I have to load my bag up with goodies – but I couldn’t resist not taking photos so I used my phone! More coming up tomorrow!