In this lesson, I’m going to teach you one of the basic folds in creating a book sculpture — the triangle fold — and how this simple fold can easily be modified to create interesting designs for your book sculptures.

An array of triangle folds creates a simple but captivating design.

Modify a series of triangle folds and you can come up with a variety of designs like this one.

Materials You’ll Need

Read this post to help you find the right book to use for this project. You may want to use a bone folder to help you make clean, crisp fold lines – but personally, I prefer to just use my fingers.

Video Tutorial

The Utzon Book Sculpture

I’ve provided the following diagrams to help you create the Utzon Book Sculpture as demonstrated in the video.

(1) To make the middle folds, follow Diagram A.

Diagram A

(2) To make the background folds right behind the series of triangle folds, follow Diagram B.

Diagram B

(3) To make the background folds right behind the folds you made in (2), follow Diagram C.

Diagram C

(4) To make the last background fold in the Utzon Book Sculpture, just follow steps 1 and 2 in Diagram C.

Things to Remember

Attention to detail makes all the difference between an amateur work and a professional one. Here are some things to remember when making your book sculptures:

(1) Make sure you have the same number of folds on the left and right sides of your book so that when you display your book sculpture, the whole thing is balanced.

(2) Always make your folds away from the center of the book so that your fold lines are hidden.

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