“I don’t like the color green because it’s the color of boogers – not the boogers you eat but the boogers that come out of your nose.”
      – Rinoa, explaining why she doesn’t like the color green

“Look Mommy, I didn’t get my plate dirty. That means you don’t have to wash it.”
      – Rinoa, after eating toaster pastry for breakfast

“I don’t like the color gray but I like Daddy’s hair.”
      – Rinoa

We had a wasp flying around our back patio last September, and Troy went out to get rid of it. On his way out the door, Rinoa was so concerned and said “Daddy, don’t be dead.”

Rinoa, drawing a butterfly.
Mica: Rinoa, your butterfly is not going to fit on the paper!
Rinoa: Oh! I need a bigger paper!
Mommy: Or you need to draw a smaller butterfly!

Mommy and Rinoa discussing the gray cloudy weather during Math Meeting time.
Mommy: When the clouds are gray, it means that they are full of water just waiting to fall down on earth as rain.
Rinoa: Does this mean that they are going to pee a long time?