Fridays are dedicated to art and music in our house. Here’s what Mica and Rinoa have been busy with in art class.

This is a charcoal drawing that Mica made. A perfect example of patience and persistence paying off – over the past few months, I’ve seen her drawing skills progress from being haphazard to having more details.

While Mica was doing her charcoal drawing, Rinoa worked on her lion – one of the many great project ideas we found here. The site shows step-by-step instructions for this lion – perfect for my 5-year old. Rinoa traced her pencil drawing with a black Sharpie and colored it with regular crayons.

When they were done with the above projects, they wanted more and decided to draw cupcakes – an idea we found here. The cupcakes were rendered in oil pastels.

Cupcakes by Mica Redington (12 years old)

Cupcakes by Rinoa Redington (5 years old)