Mica and Rinoa have art lessons on Fridays. Eventually, we dubbed Fridays as “Art Day” which means everybody in the house need to complete at least one artwork every Friday – this gives Troy and I a dedicated time to make art as well.

For the girls’ art session, we did some exercises from the Klutz book, Watercolor for the Artistically Undiscovered. (I suppose we’re big fans of Klutz books.)

Watercolor Plate #1 by Mica
Plate No. 1 by Mica Redington
The first plate is all about being comfortable with the paintbrush and discovering what happens when different pressures are applied and when different amounts of water are used. We just filled up the paper with brush strokes and in the end checked to see if there’s a critter in the making among the blobs of paint on the paper.
Plate No. 2 by Rinoa Redington
Next we did a splatter page. Surprisingly, the girls (especially Rinoa) didn’t make a lot of mess as I had feared and expected.
Plate No. 3 by Rinoa Redington
And for the last plate, we did a color study – seeing how a spot color is affected by different background colors.

We had a great time! :D