I started making this dress three months ago. I had to give it a rest because I was getting frustrated with it to the point that I was ready to shred it to pieces – lol! Last week though, after finishing the Dortje Pants, I decided it was time to finish it. And I’m glad I did because Rinoa said it’s her favorite so far.

The Feliz Dress is a two-layer dress – a full-skirted underdress topped with a shorter, pinafore-style overdress that’s open in the back. Rinoa absolutely loves the back and wishes she can wear the dress with the back as the front. I was going to add trims to the dress but got kinda lazy, so I’m saving the trims for a future attempt at another Feliz Dress.

Rinoa in her Feliz dress

The back of the Feliz dress

What can I say? Another perfect outfit for twirling! And she does love her twirls!

Feliz is a perfect summer dress but once it starts getting cold, it can be layered with a long sleeve shirt and leggings. That’s what I call versatile! :)

Feliz Dress layered with a long-sleeve shirt for fall weather.