I’m back chugging at my sewing machine, whipping up a fun, playful wardrobe for my youngest daughter who is difficult to shop clothes for. In the process, my sewing machine and I are fast becoming best friends – lol! As with the Insa Skirt, my patterns are based on Sewing Clothes Kids Love by Nancy Langdon and Sabine Pollehn – a book I highly recommend if you’re interested in trying to make some children’s clothes yourself. I have no garment-sewing experience before the Insa Skirt but this book makes it very easy to sew clothes.

This is the Dortje Pants which was so fun to make. When I bought the fabrics, I meant to make some pajamas but I loved how the pants came out that it didn’t feel right for it to be worn only at home. I paired it with a Brooklyn Tank Top which I had to make twice because the first one was kinda snug when I tried it on Rinoa. My bad! I forgot to fit it on her before I sewed all the seams.

Rinoa in her new Dortje pants and Brooklyn top.

Closeup of the Dortje pants

The only trim/embellishment I added to the pants was this pink ribbon around the waistline. This is the first pair of pants I ever made so I wasn’t comfortable with the frou-frous yet. At this time, I was just hoping for a wearable garment – lol!

Closeup of the Dortje pants

Of course with all these modeling she’s doing for me, at some point, Rinoa had to start complaining: “Mommy, why are you taking a picture of my butt??!!” But for the most part, she was having fun.

Rinoa loving her new outfit!