Back from Slumber

I’m sorry I haven’t updated in a while. After the excitement over the holidays has subsided and the cold, cruel winter kicks in – short days, dead outdoors – I get sporadically pulled in this dark abyss where personal demons try to devour me. And no matter how prepared I think I am for it (armed with all the positive attitude I can muster), I can’t escape it. I get drawn in and it becomes a constant struggle not to get fully consumed. It’s like a monstrous, giant leech that sucks the color and life in my everyday, leaving me in a Tim Burton dream world – drab and strange.

In this dark place, there’s a sliver of light – where my family resides plus the fantastic virtual realities I engaged in to distract my mind and shut off the engulfing darkness. The new Zelda: Spirit Tracks for the DS was an enormous haven, and so was the Legend of the Seeker in Neftlix Instant Play.

I tossed between publishing this and not but I wanted to keep it real and share the bad together with the good. This is my tenth winter and it just doesn’t get better. I can’t imagine how other people can survive experiencing winter every year. Just the reduced amount of daylight during these months can make one go insane. How does winter and lack of enough daylight affect you?

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I was wondering where you were. :) Welcome back, first and foremost. The winter here in New England is long and totally sucks. The days are finally getting longer since it doesn’t get dark 5 but 6. Woo a whole hour. Most of the time during the winter I’m inside just watching the television and on the computer. Definitely not good at all.

LEGEND OF THE SEEKER!!!! *EEEEE* I love that show. I even started reading the books. Still on book once since it’s over 800 pages. I’m hoping it’s going to be back for a season three. Rumors are floating around. *sad face*

Thanks Jason. It feels good to be blogging again. I think the longer daylight is why I’m feeling better – lol! Gotta love the sunshine!

Hehe, kindred spirits! I bought the books as well after watching the TV series. And I’m also stuck on the first book since other books kept needing my attention! But oh no!!! They gotta have Season 3! :)

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