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Architecture Portfolio #1 – Acropolis

I was cleaning up my file folders and came across some past architectural projects. I figured I’d share one here. This is a residence designed for tropical climate and built in the Philippines. The model sketches were made with Google Sketchup. (Awesome software, btw!)

Front – Right Side View of the House
Rear View of the House
Front – Left Side View of the House

When I was doing the modeling, I decided to mess with the walkthrough feature of Sketchup – hence this very simple video. The background music is from YouTube’s audio swap feature – I checked it out and loved the world music “Japaneasy” by Benny Hawes, so I applied it.

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That’s amazing… I like it… I’m a student at Palomar College in San Marcos, California. I want to ask if you have any tips on getting a internship, and how did you start out?

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