Ms. Mary Ann does this walkabouts in her blog that I enjoy so much – so I thought I’d invite you to walk with me too :D Let’s go back to Gig Harbor, Washington where I’m visiting my brother’s family. I noticed a coffee shop just outside my brother’s apartment complex. The name is interesting – Forza. My friend, Choosie, who lives in the area says it’s really good so I’m excited to check it out.

Seems like a nice morning, good time for a short walk – it’s not raining yet. Take a walk with me, would you? Troy is already waiting outside for us!

Aren’t these buildings lovely and so fresh-looking? I love the colors! And look, here we are at Forza, told you it was a short walk.

Oh wow! Wine and coffee! What a treat! Hmm, maybe I’ll have a white chocolate mocha and a bacon and egg muffin sandwich. (I haven’t eaten breakfast yet.) Troy says he’s having a caramel macchiato. How about you?

Ok, outside again. That coffee was good! Now let’s head back next door to Harbor Greens. Gotta check out those organic fruits and vegetables.

Look at the size of those strawberries?! My hands are already loaded with bananas and muscat grapes but Troy insists on adding these strawberries to the pile. They do look too good to pass up.

Now let’s head back to the apartment, in case Mica and Rinoa are missing me already. I can’t wait for them to see and try out these fruits!

Here we are back where we started. Thanks for walking with me. What did you think of Forza? Definitely worth going back to, right? :)

Let me take one last look at the clear, blue sky and those tall, green evergreen trees. (Breathing in the clean, fresh air.) Aahhh, it is a lovely day!

Au revoir,