Book Sculpture Gallery

Browse sculptural works of art made from recycled books.

My foray into book folding started when I reorganized my bookshelves one day and found myself with a stack of unwanted books. I wasn’t interested in keeping the books but at the same time I was reluctant to throw them away, so I decided to give them a second life and challenged myself to use these materials creatively. And so it started — with a penchant for experimenting, I carry on the book’s long tradition of communicating ideas — but in a non-conventional manner. Going beyond the printed word, I focus on the book’s physical form. Using old and discarded books, I fold, cut, and shred the pages to create abstract sculptures which present a new way of “reading” the book. The text, peeking out of the folded pages, is reduced to an idyllic symbol as it blends with the book’s new form.

Trinkets Series

The Trinkets Series is composed of small ornaments created by folding the book pages around the central spine. These are the first things I made when I started playing with books as a sculptural material – an excellent warm-up in exploring the possibilities of folded books.

"Hedgehog" Book Sculpture Ornament by Johwey Redington


"Pinecones" Book Sculpture Ornaments by Johwey Redington


"Half Moon" Book Sculpture Ornaments by Johwey Redington

Half Moon

"Cylinder" Book Sculpture Ornaments by Johwey Redington


Deconstruction Series

The Deconstruction Series pays homage to my background as an architect. The series plays with geometric shapes — the building blocks of architecture — and builds on these basic forms to recreate the essence of contemporary structures as suggested by the book sculptures.

“Dispersion” Book Sculpture

“Calatrava 1” Book Sculpture

“Sagrada” Book Sculpture

“Calatrava 2” Book Sculpture

“Utzon” Book Sculpture

“Calatrava 3” Book Sculpture

“Lauhari” Book Sculpture

Transcendental Series

The Transcendental Series is inspired by the writings and philosophy of Thoreau, Emerson and other proponents of Transcendentalism. The series incorporates shredded pages and folded flowers in the book sculptures to represent the fragile but important connection/relationship between nature and culture/humanity (which the book itself represents).

“Thoreau” Book Sculpture

“Yin Yang” Book Sculpture

“Emerson” Book Sculpture

“Alcott” Book Sculpture

“Dickinson” Book Sculpture

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